Dying Room Only (1973)

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Another in the series of made for TV horror movies which Warner Archives has been releasing of late, Dying Room Only (1973) is another stolid but formulaic entry in the cycle. As expected this is a short film- slotted at just 104 minutes for the prime time viewing slot.

It’s a pretty good story – A couple stops at a diner and the husband (Coleman) mysteriously vanishes and it is left to his wife (Leachman) to unearth his fate. The cast is strong with many of those 70s stalwarts who did well in this genre. The first half of the film is quite strong and builds a good deal of suspense but the second half fails to hold one’s attention. Still a strong entry, but again only for completists or die-hards.

As expected, video quality is good considering the source and lack of restoration.

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