ELVIS on Tour and more of THE KING

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Tomorrow Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases the Remastered & Restored Golden Globe Winning Documentary, ELVIS ON TOUR and a collection of ELVIS film favorites. In celebration of this release and the ELVIS 75th Anniversary, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution is making ELVIS ON TOUR, VIVA LAS VEGAS, JAILHOUSE ROCK and more available via On Demand: http://bit.ly/WB_ELVIS75 and For Download via iTunes: http://bit.ly/WBE_ELVIS.  Its also available at your usual retail outlets, but something seems right about putting Elvis on your iPod.

Take a look at the below clip from 1957’s classic Jailhouse Rock.

If you are an Elvis fan tomorrow is a good day to be close to your computer and download these. Myself, I am not a fan of Elvis the actor, but Elvis the musician and entertainer may be second to none. I have not seen 1972’s Elvis on Tour in several years, but that for me is the highlight of the release schedule. I will be curious and excited to see the impact of the restoration and remastering. And of course the sound should be phenomenal, even given the age of the source material.

Not saying there aren’t good films in here too, Viva Las Vegas was always a guilty pleasure of sorts.  Personally I could never get beyond the average Elvis picture being an excuse to have Elvis sing on the big screen.  For what they are they are extremely culturally significant as one can probably trace the rise of MTV and music video in general to the work Elvis did.

Plus it is hard to underestimate the impact Elvis had on the music world.  Artists as varied as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin drew much inspiration from the King.  And this year he’d be 75, still well within his potential lifespan – goodness a few more years and the Strolling Bones, er Rolling Stones will be that old.   And he’s been gone for two generations already.

[As an aside, classic rock is also a hobby, just one that doesn’t merge with classic film too often.  The deWelle’s residence may or may not be home to over 1200 Led Zeppelin CDs.  We may talk to The Kids Are Alright at some point: in the queue but much ahead of it. ]

Elvis on Tour is a must have for any music fan of even passing interest.  The films are hit or miss but several are worth the time and all are priceless as mementos of an era.

Gotta go, I have a peanut butter nanner sandwich waiting.

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