North by Northwest Giveaway!

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Courtesy of Warner Brothers, we have two copies of the new 50th Anniversary Edition of the Hitchcock masterpiece North by Northwest to giveaway.  But you will have to know some trivia about the film first.  We will have two trivia questions – one tonight and the other tomorrow night.

The first person to answer correctly via email to will win.  Please include your complete name and mailing address so we can ship to you!  The winner will be announced the following night in each instance.

The first one will be easy – tomorrow’s will be a bit more challenging…here it is….

For the first DVD set:  Which actor was so insistent that he would play Roger Thornhill that Hitchcock had to delay production on North by Northwest until the actor was safely involved in the production of another feature?

Just for fun:  Double points if you can name the “other” picture as well.

Good Luck!

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