Kidnapped (1971)

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So trying valiantly to post a bit more often – family and the actual paying job take far more time than one can imagine. I am going to try going with a quicker format (at least for me)- fewer images and video/music clips. Some articles (the bigger ones) will still get the full treatment.

The ipod is a great medium for watching movies that others nearby (i.e. families) may not enjoy. I just finished the 1973 version of Kidnapped with Michael Caine and a very Blofeld-esque looking (at least to me) Donald Pleasence. A pretty good picture, but seems a bit movie-of-the-weekish.

Nothing deep, but it’s a really well made picture. I don’t know if I would call it a swashbuckler per se, but a good action film which is even kid friendly. Based on, of course, the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Now why isn’t this on DVD?

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